5th Annual Mediclinic Middle East Research Conference


Our Mission

The UAE, with its dynamic leadership, has encouraged innovation in every field and medicine is very much at the top of this list. The meeting was initially designed to showcase, on an annual basis, the research undertaken by the physicians at Mediclinic Middle East and also by the MBRU students that they mentor. This has now evolved into a global clinical research presentation conference. The conference is open to all researchers around the world, but predominantly within the UAE, to present their work.

The Research Day has been successfully conducted with the collaboration of MBRU and this year it becomes a two day conference, with involvement of MBRU, UAEU, ADU and Fatma College. Prizes are awarded to poster and podium presenters with the top prize going to the best researcher of the year. This is to recognise the researchers and give them the opportunity to share their research and the findings, learnings and knowledge gained from these various research initiatives amongst their peers. The aim remains to encourage our medical professionals and students to actively take part or lead research initiatives for the advancement of medicine and to ultimately provide better, shorter, more effective and safer treatment protocols to patients in the UAE and beyond.


Poster Awards


Dr. Edwin Hertzog's Award

Know about Mediclinic Research Campaign

Why You Should Join?


Great Lectures

Every year, the conference features outstanding lectures of superior quality. Join us to hear them espouse their research findings.


Research Excellence

The exposure to the evidence-based experimental approach to medical practice is a rare opportunity, not to miss.


Get Inspired

Get inspired to become a participant next year and join the community of researchers.



It's a wonderful platform to compete with peers on academic subjects



Be the one to utilize the Q&A opportunity in asking direct questions.

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